' St. Aloysius' High School, Kanpur


We aim at training our students to equip themselves with personal and moral excellence which forms the foundation for professional excellence and successful career leading them to a happy life, making them the catalysts of a humane and peaceful society.

The distinctive nature of the school is that it is meant for boys. It prepares boys grow up physically robust, intellectually alert, original in thinking, artistically creative, brimming with knowledge and confidence, having an outlook on life based on christian values, smart and elegant in poise and appearance, full of zest for life and ready to take up challenges of life courageously. It is a quality education that they receive which helps them grow up as mature persons with all round development of personality in order to fully participate in society as good and responsible citizens. A student of this school is always geared up to a successful life and career.

The boys who have passed out of this institution have come out to be healthy and robust in body, able to do hard-work, have excelled in their chosen profession and have set high moral standards.

Its alumni are found to be in all high ranking profession in the country and abroad, whether it is Engineering, Medical Research, Administration, Armed Forces, Sports, Business, Media, Information Technology and so on and so forth.

We are here to continue this tradition of excellence.

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